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Jump Start Abroad

New to
living in Japan?

Congratulations on your opportunity to live in this beautiful country. But, while it may be exciting to make this transition, it is not the easiest to set up life abroad. From finding a home, taking care of all government paperwork, to even learning how to shop for necessities. Most people do not even know what is necessary after arriving in Japan. To top it off, the language barrier can discourage many people, as it is a part of almost every hurdle that you will encounter.

Let us give you a
Jump Start on your journey

We have created a package that will give you the easiest transition to living in Japan.
Now, you will be able to relax and let the journey start on the right foot with our Jump Start Package.

Pick-Up From
Airport to New Residence

A Jump Start Abroad representative will be at the airport waiting for arrival. We will travel together to the new residence. At the new residence, our representative will explain how to use all appliances and basic living necessities. Explain the Jump Start Guide and the area surrounding the new residence. If any questions at that time, our representative will do his or her best to answer.

Jump Start
Abroad Guide Book

We have crafted a handy guide to give our customers a head start on his or her living in Japan. Through our’s and other’s experiences, we have created a guide to help cover most issues that foreigners will run into his or her stay in Japan. As well, a “how to” for most documents and procedures that foreigners generally do not know. Also, with help of many other first-time residence in Japan, we have included tips on making the stay life easier and more exciting in Japan.

Support Services

We have an experienced staff when it comes to living in Japan for the first time and have an understanding of the issues that most will encounter while adjusting to Japan. We have a dedicated email and contact for this area and will always be available for all questions and help.

Interested in more details?

Please fill out our inquiry form and we can answer any questions and explain further details in maximizing the success of your property.